J. Rhoades Fiberglass Inc. Services

We would like to introduce our product to you.  Fiberglass decks are a unique product which allow you to have a deck as well as a roof.  You can enjoy a beautiful deck and also have the piece of mind that the room below will be safe from the water.  When installing a fiberglass deck, we apply 1/2" resin coated plywood and fill all nail heads and seams making a smooth, flat surface.  A fiberglass mat is then put down on the deck and brought up the walls 6-8 inches with resin making the deck waterproof.

After the siding or stucco has been installed, we grind and sand the deck giving it a seamless appearance which is then ready for gelcoat, the color coat.

Fiberglass decks are the decks of choice.  Done correctly, they can last a lifetime.  They require very little maintenance.  Pressure treated decks need to be sealed every year, fiberglass decks, however, only need fresh gelcoat approximately every ten years.  We would like to provide a unique alternative to builders, architects, and homeowners when designing and building homes to include fiberglass decks as part of their plans.

Check out the Gallery link for some of the beautiful decks we have done.

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